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People ask us about ProxyMesh’s account issues. If you’d like to know more, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below. For easy reference, the first column lists popular queries; the middle column answers your immediate question, and the column on the right offers links to more details.

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Service – How It Works

How does the ProxyMesh service work? We have our own python-based proxy server that forwards your requests through a set of rotating Squid proxies. There is no software to download or install.
How many proxies do I get the ProxyMesh 10 basic plan? One rotating proxy plus the Open Proxy.You can authorize more than one proxy on your dashboard. You can switch among them and access one at a time.
Can you whitelist my IP address?

ProxyMesh does not actually whitelist IP addresses. However, you are whitelisting your IP address when you authenticate it on your dashboard or via the ProxyMesh API.

If you have a blocked IP, ProxyMesh is unable to whitelist it and you need to contact your Internet Service Provider to obtain a good-reputation IP.

Do you provide a hosting service? No.
Can you log into my account and set up an IP? No. But we provide user articles to help you go through the steps easily.
Is there a contract when I sign up for a plan? No.
Pricing Plans

What pricing plans does ProxyMesh offer? ProxyMesh has several plans which vary in bandwidth and number of proxies. Please see the article for details.
Do you have a 110 plan or higher so we can use all "multiple locations" proxies and "world proxy" at the same time? No. Our highest 100 plan offers 11 proxies. 9 more proxies can be added. The World proxy counts as 5 proxies so it could be added plus 4 more proxies.
What payment methods does ProxyMesh offer? Credit or debit cards and PayPal.
Does ProxyMesh have a money-back guarantee? Yes. Our 30-day money-back guarantee makes you eligible for a full refund if you cancel within the first 30 days.
Does ProxyMesh offer a student discount for the proxy service? No
Does ProxyMesh offer discount coupons or codes? Not at this time. Not at present. Support staff, please review "ProxyMesh Coupon Codes."
Does use of the Open Proxy count toward the bandwidth usage limit on my plan? Yes, use of the Open Proxy does count toward the bandwidth usage limit on your plan
Does use of the World Proxy count toward the bandwidth usage limit on my plan? Yes, use of the World Proxy does count toward the bandwidth usage limit on your plan
Free Trial

Does ProxyMesh have a trial plan? Yes, for first-time customers only.
Do I need to set up a paid plan to try the Free Trial? No.
What happens when I reach the 30-day limit or 100MB limit of a free trial? Your account is canceled.

What are the features on my user dashboard? Please see the articles for details.
Rate Limits
I'm using ProxyMesh with Python requests and a message says rate limit is reached, but I haven't successfully requested anything yet.

If you send requests via script or API, you can configure a limit on the number you send per time period to a specific site. You can optionally set a lower limit than that of a remote site. That way, you can avoid warnings or actual bans from the site. Make a note of any error code accompanying the message.

How does ProxyMesh store my usage log information? These logs are kept for no longer than 30 days, and are only accessible by authorized support staff.
Does ProxyMesh store my billing information? No. It is safely secured by trusted 3rd party services.
What kind of data security does ProxyMesh have? Servers directly under control of the ProxyMesh system employ standard protocols to protect the security of data in transit.
What kind of account security does ProxyMesh provide?
  • HTTPS account pages
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) option
  • Hashed passwords

Can you tell me the last 4 digits of the credit card you have on file for us? We cannot do this in chat, as it would be delivering ownership information. We can supply the last 4 digits if you send a request to and if the information you supply matches what we have on file.
Account Marked as Fraud
If my account is marked as fraud and closed, can it be reactivated? If the account was flagged as fraud because of many failed payments attempts, with different error codes, using multiple ProxyMesh accounts, different names, and different IP addresses,then it's not likely to be reactivated. You can, however, ask Support about reactivation.

Is my username the same as my email address, and can I change my username? The Support staff must change your username. Making the email address the username is acceptable, but we do not advise it, as the @ "at" sign can interfere with username:password authentication protocols. It’s better to choose a unique username without the "@" symbol. Your request to Support should be made from the email associated with your account.
Login Issues

When attempting to sign up or log in, I get an error message warning of "risky behavior."

If you are using a VPN, please disconnect the VPN before logging in. If you are trying to connect from a server, please use a browser instead of the server. If you have attempted several tries unsuccessfully, you may have a 4-6 hour temporary block and will need to wait until it expires.

Please note that ProxyMesh is unable to manually remove the temporary block.

I signed up with ProxyMesh but have not received a confirmation message Email confirmation usually arrives in a few minutes, but occasionally it can take up to 30 minutes.        N/A
I've fixed a credit card problem that led to deactivation of my account. But now I can't log in to update my subscription payment info. Contact Support to activate your account so that you can reset your password and login.        N/A
I clicked the "Forgot password?" link on my login screen, but I haven't received a reset message. Your account may be paused or cancelled. Please contact Support to reactivate your account.
My free trial period expired and I couldn't get into my account to choose a paid plan and set up a payment method. Please contact Support to reactivate your account.
I could not log in to view my current invoice. The returned message read "The server sent back something that wasn’t valid XML." There may be a temporary issue with our billing provider, so please try again in 5 – 10 minutes.

You might also check whether you have a company firewall that blocks access to
My free trial expired and I signed up for a paid plan. But now I can't get access to the dashboard or the API. If you have made too many visits for the purpose of making the initial payment, or changing or updating the payment method, it may result in a temporary block of a few hours, after which you should try logging in again. Please wait until the block expires to try again.
I can't log in because of "too many login failures." The proxy may be undergoing a brute-force attack. ProxyMesh protects the server with a firewall, but that also temporarily blocks your access. Try again after 4 to 6 hours.
Password Issues

The password reset link you sent is blocked as "malicious software." I keep getting 400 errors and I can't use the link to change my password. You can often make these errors go away by refreshing the browser screen. If the errors keep appearing, try switching to Firefox.

I use ProxyMesh around the clock to gather data but I want to change my account password without having all my running processes blocked. Please contact Support for assistance.
The owner of our main ProxyMesh account left the organization. I need to change the account password. You can reset the account password if you have access to the email address, but not to the ProxyMesh account. If you do not have that access, you can Contact Uscontact Support for assistance with the password update.
How to keep track of our account passwords, especially with more than one user in our company?
Keep in mind that easy-to-remember passwords are not recommended, since they’re also easier for hackers to figure out. A password manager like 1Password that can generate strong random passwords provides good controls.
Invoice Copies
I need invoice copies for non-users of my site. How can I obtain them? If you're on the 50 or 100 plan, you can add non-users by going to the following link and filling in the recipient’s email address under " Invoice only email" at the bottom of the form.
I need invoices mailed to more than one email address.
We don’t presently have a way to do that. We suggest that you set up a forwarding rule for the email address you already have, or use a group or shared email address to receive the invoices.
"Bill To" Information

How do I change my "bill to" information? On the right side of your dashboard in the "Account Settings" section, follow the "Change Email" link to change your email. To view invoices in PDF format, and to update the billing information fields, click the See Past Bills link on your dashboard. On the ProxyMesh Past Bills page, in the "Billing Info" form on the right, you can add or update billing information fields to those PDF or .txt invoices. Click Save to store your entries.
How do I change "Billed To" information for invoices and receipts? To view invoices in PDF format, and to update the billing information fields, click the See Past Bills link on your dashboard. On the ProxyMesh Past Bills page, in the "Billing Info" form on the right, you can add or update billing information fields to those PDF or .txt invoices. Click Save to store your entries.      
On the dashboard I entered new billing information. Why doesn't it appear on my invoices? Did you click the See Past Bills link on your dashboard and fill out the Billing Info form and then click Save to store their entries?
Subscription Payments & Taxes

I’m trying to change my payment method but I keep getting a 502 Gateway error.
Please contact Support for help.

I can't get into my account to make a payment or even set up a payment method.

If you're a new customer, allow up to 30 minutes for confirmation email to arrive. Note that if pre-approved payment is set up, you can't make a payment manually.

Established customers with several failed payment-related login attempts may have a temporary ban.

My subscription payment has been declined and I can’t access my account. I need more time to resolve this. Can you help? Contact Support to discuss a temporary solution.
Can I pay subscription fees with cryptocurrency?
Yes. Cryptocurrency is the preferred method to pay subscription fees and prepaid bandwidth. Please see Dashboard Payments & Billing.
Credit card accounts in my country have been suspended because of international conflict. What can I do?
Given the circumstances, we can do a prepay, even if you’re not on the ProxyMesh 100 plan. For example, we can charge a one-time fee and credit you for 3 months.
to discuss an arrangement.
What is my billing cycle? 30 days
Can I make a large up front payment on my subscription fee?

This feature is available only with the 100 plan. Please contact Support.

Can I negotiate a fixed price for monthly services? We don’t negotiate a fixed price.
How do I change my subscription payment method? Under Account Settings on the right side of your dashboard, click Update Payment Method or Change Plan. Please note that pre-approval or auto-renewal is required to maintain a ProxyMesh account.
When I'm prompted for a ZIP code associated with my credit card, I get an error message. An error message usually means that the ZIP code entered on the ProxyMesh payment form does not match the one on file with your credit card provider. Please contact Support for information and assistance.
How do credit adjustments work? Please contact Support for how credit adjustments work.
After a downgrade, will I receive a credit or a refund?
You will receive a credit rather than a refund. It will be applied to your credit card or PayPal, as appropriate.
PayPal is declining my subscription payment and my bank placed a "Do Not Honor" code on my credit card. Please try to work things out with PayPal & your credit card provider.
Why is ProxyMesh charging my credit card when there is already prepaid bandwidth?

If you're on the 100 plan and have also purchased prepaid bandwidth, contact Support for help with a temporary solution while the credit card issue is being resolved.

There's an item on my bill that I don't understand. Am I being double-charged for something? Please contact Support.         N/A
Do you have a VAT ID number for your company on your invoice? We are a U S-based company and do not have a Value-Added Tax (VAT) number.
For customers in India, can you provide a TRC and Form 10F? We do not generally provide them as we don't have a business connection in India within the meaning of Section 9 of the Indian Income-Tax Act, 1961. However, we are happy to issue a credit or refund to cover a reasonable amount of any extra tax charges that you might incur by not receiving these documents. Just make a request at the appropriate time, with the amount of extra tax you incurred, so that we can make an assessment and issue the credit or refund.
TRC = Tax Residency Certificate

How do I set up subscription payments via PayPal? Under Account Settings on your Dashboard. PayPal pre-approved payment requires a payment source, such as credit card or bank account, behind the PayPal account. This must be present on the PayPal account for the payment-method change to be accepted in the ProxyMesh system.
I normally use my local currency, and PayPal is not accepting my subscription payment in that currency or in US dollars. Please find out from PayPal whether or not your default payment method allows conversion of your local currency into USD. PayPal supports payment by citizens of some countries in their local currencies, without conversion to USD. Please try paying in another currency. If neither solution works,please Contact Uscontact Support for resolution.
After I upgraded my subscription plan, PayPal declined a pre-approved payment. This may be an issue with setup of pre-approval for payments in PayPal. Or it may be an Issue with other account information, e.g., no selection made from available payment methods. Please try resolving the issue by reviewing your account in PayPal to ensure you have a working payment method and can pre-approve payments. If you are unable to resolve this, please contact support.
Unauthorized Payments

Somebody made an unauthorized payment from my PayPal account.
Please contact Support.         N/A
Credit Card Record Deletion

I want to have my credit card records deleted from the ProxyMesh system Please contact Support Customers may make this request, e.g., when they want to associate a different card with their account        

How many sub-accounts can I have? That varies depending on what plan you have. Please see the article Pricing Plans.        
How do I add sub-accounts? You can add sub accounts from your dashboard, or via the API. To create new sub-accounts via the API, use the POST request method. See article ProxyMesh API for details.
Do my sub-accounts share the bandwidth with the main account? Yes.
Can I track each sub- account’s bandwidth usage separately? Yes.
Can I connect a sub-account to multiple proxies? Yes.
Can my sub-accounts have the same email as my main account? No.
Changing Plan

How do I change my subscription plan? Under Account Settings on the right side of your dashboard, click Update Payment Method or Change Plan.
I downgraded my plan in mid-month but I was invoiced at the higher plan rate. Please Contact Uscontact Support.
If I downgrade my plan, what happens to my extra proxies? Please contact support to let them know which proxy or proxies you want to keep, since you will lose access to some proxies if downgrading below the 50 plan.
Cancel/Pause Service

How do I cancel or pause my service? On your Dashboard, click "Cancel or Pause Account" and follow the prompts.
What if I have a final invoice when I cancel?

There is no need to make a final payment. if the following conditions are true:

  • you have a final invoice
  • your account is already cancelled
  • you do not need to reactivate.

If you decide to reactivate your account in the future, you can make the payment then.

However, if you  have exceeded your plan's bandwidth limit in the month when you cancel, there may be a final charge to cover this overage.

Bulk Mailing

Does ProxyMesh support bulk mailing? No. We recommend you install a custom SMTP software application and connect to a proxy service that is compatible with Google. Or you might use your Internet Service Provider's SMTP server, configured with proxy and quota-management settings.
Video Streaming
Do the proxy servers support video streaming? ProxyMesh was not designed for for streaming video or online games. See article for suggestions
Does ProxyMesh use cookies? Yes. Usually, in addition to headers, cookies are sent automatically from your browser or client library. The proxy servers do not modify them, and cookies are passed through unchanged.

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