'Whitelisting' in ProxyMesh

In internet proxying usage, "whitelist" refers to a list of IP addresses considered to be acceptable senders. Requests from addresses on a server's whitelist are not filtered out.

Domain name registries such as who.is also maintain whitelists.

Some ProxyMesh users ask if ProxyMesh can whitelist their IP addresses. ProxyMesh does not actually whitelist addresses per the above definition.

However, in effect, you are whitelisting your IP address when you authenticate it on your dashboard or via the ProxyMesh API. As long as your IPs are authorized beforehand, you should have no problem getting access to the proxies.

But if your proxied requests still fail after you've authenticated your IP address, one likely cause is that it was blocked by the proxy, for some reason, before you authenticated it.

ProxyMesh cannot intervene to unblock an address. But these blocks are generally temporary; you must wait about 4 hours for the block to automatically expire.

Please note that ProxyMesh cannot manually remove this temporary block as the block is controlled by the hosting service or a remote site.

If your IP address is blocked, ProxyMesh cannot whitelist it for you. Please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to obtain a good-reputation IP.

Some Best Practices

  • Add new IPs before beginning to use them for crawling or scraping.

Reference:Proxy Authentication

  • Use IP authentication.

Reference: Proxy Authentication

  • You do not need username:password authentication when using IP authentication.

Reference: HTTP Proxy Configuration Overview

  • To automate the inclusion of an IP to requests, you can use the ProxyMesh API to add or remove the IP.

Reference: ProxyMesh API

If Your Authenticated IPs Disappear

  • Was your subscription cancelled due to too many declined transactions? If so, your authorized IPs get deleted automatically. Once you've reactivated, you can add them back.

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