ProxyMesh supports sub-accounts for all subscribers to higher level plans. Sub-accounts are designed for companies and professionals using ProxyMesh on behalf of a client, and wishing to track bandwidth usage for accurate client billing.

For example, suppose you're a pro at writing web crawlers or screen scrapers, and you have one or more clients who require the kind of strong anonymity you can get with ProxyMesh. So you sign up for the  ProxyMesh 20 plan and create a sub-account for each client. Now, instead of using your main account, you can use a sub-account for each separate client, and see the bandwidth used by each account. Then when the bill comes due, you can charge each client for the ProxyMesh bandwidth used by their sub-account. All the bandwidth tracking information you need to do this is available in your ProxyMesh account dashboard.

Sub-Account Connection Methods

You may want to review the different ways to connect your sub-accounts with the proxies for best results with your specific use cases.

Distribute Requests across Sub-Accounts

To configure this capability, do one of the following:

  • Make sure each sub-account has a different authorized IP.
  • Or, if two or more sub-accounts will share the same IP address, remove the IP authorization, and instead use username:password authorization, as detailed in Proxy Authentication.

Connect One Sub-Account to Multiple Proxies

If desired, one sub-account can connect to multiple proxies. As determined by your use cases, methods of proxy connection are similar to those for your regular account.

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