Changing "Billed To" Information

If changes in your business call for an update to your ProxyMesh billing information, please follow the steps in this article.

Emailed Invoice and Receipt

Here are steps for updating info for the "Billed To" sections of your subscription invoice and payment receipt which are emailed to you.

Note: Your emailed invoices and receipts will go only to the email address on your account. If you'd like to change your account email address, follow these steps:

  • On the right side of your dashboard, in the section titled "Account Settings," follow the link labeled "Change Email."
  • On the "Change your Email" page, type your new email address in the "New email" and "New email confirmation" fields, then click the Change Email button.

This changes the email address appearing on your current invoices and receipts. The new email can also be used for logging in, and it will be the preferred email for support communication, so that we can look up your account.

Please note that ProxyMesh transmits invoices only to one email address on an account, namely, the one associated with that account. We cannot honor requests to transmit an invoice to additional email addresses.

  • Return to the dashboard.

Changing Access to Main Account

If the owner of the main ProxyMesh account leaves your organization, you'll need to change the account password. You can accomplish this yourself, if you have access to the email address, but not to the ProxyMesh account. You can reset the password to the account, which is tied to that email, at

If you do not have that access, you can contact Support for assistance with the password update.

You probably won't need to change "billed-to" information if the same email continues to be associated with the main account for billing purposes.

But consider whether you also need to change the associated credit card or payment method, as detailed in Setting Up Your Subscription Payment Method.

Email Shared by Main & Sub-Accounts

If both the main account and sub-accounts share the same email address, the following issues will occur:

  • The system will not be able to determine which account the user should log into, in order to use a proxy.
  • The user will not receive the proper credit for a bill payment.

To avoid these issues, please make sure that your main account and your sub-accounts all have different emails.

Invoices in PDF Format

Here are steps to view invoices in PDF format, and to update the billing information fields. All of those fields appear in the PDFs.

  • Click the See Past Bills link on your dashboard.
  • On the ProxyMesh Past Bills page, in the "Billing Info" form on the right, you can add or update billing information fields to those PDF or .txt invoices.
  • Click Save to store your entries.
  • Once you've added billing fields, they will appear on any past invoices you generate afterwards in PDF format.

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