Bandwidth Tracking

Your account dashboard shows near real-time bandwidth usage. Scroll down near the bottom left corner of the page to view the Current & Past Bandwidth Usage table. This will show your username, any sub-accounts you have, along with your current total bandwidth usage, and past bandwidth usage from previous billing periods.

If any of the bandwidth numbers is underlined, you can hover over the bandwidth number to view a chart (sample illustration below) showing your bandwidth usage by day for the past 30 days.

Calculation of Bandwidth Usage

Bandwidth and bandwidth usage are measured in gigabytes ("GB"). Bandwidth usage numbers are usually updated every 5 minutes; occasionally an update can take up to 15 minutes. 

Calculation of your bandwidth usage reflects all of the data passed through the proxy server, as indicated by the sizes of the request and response. When content is gzipped, the calculation uses the gzipped file size. The proxy simply transfers bytes between your device and Internet, and therefore only counts what it sees.

Please Note: Only whole GB are used in calculating your monthly bandwidth usage. Fractions of a GB can carry over to the next month's calculation. For example, if you use 3.406 GB for the month, your bandwidth usage would show as 3 GB for the current month, and the .406 GB would carry over to the next month and be reflected on your dashboard.

You may wish to review Data Compression in the Bandwidth Limits article.

Please contact support if:

  • you have questions or concerns about your bandwidth usage, or
  • you would like a sample of the requests and responses logged for your account, along with the size of each one.

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