Prepaid Bandwidth

Prepaid bandwidth is available only on the ProxyMesh 100 plan. With the ProxyMesh 100 plan, you can buy an unlimited amount of prepaid bandwidth at a reduced rate of $0.05/GB. 

Bandwidth and bandwidth usage are measured in gigabytes ("GB").

ProxyMesh begins using your prepaid bandwidth after you've gone through the 100GB that's included in your plan. For example, if you've used 65/100GB, you'll use 35GB more, then start drawing down the prepaid bandwidth.

Prepaid bandwidth does not expire. It will stay in your account until it is used up.

When you purchase prepaid bandwidth, any existing bandwidth usage that's over the included plan amount of 100GB will be immediately covered by the prepaid bandwidth.

Whatever amount is left of the prepaid bandwidth will cover future usage until it runs out. The prepaid bandwidth also carries over across billing periods if it's not all used up.

When your prepaid bandwidth becomes less than 100GB, we will send you an alert email to notify you.

For example, let's say you purchase 300GB of prepaid bandwidth. If you use 200GB, of which 100GB is included for free in the plan, then the extra 100GB immediately covers your existing usage, leaving 200GB for future bandwidth usage.

If you're on the ProxyMesh 100 plan, the right side of your dashboard will display a link labeled "Buy Prepaid Bandwidth." Below is an illustration of the linked screen. It will use whatever the plan payment method is, credit card or PayPal.

Automatic Purchase of Prepaid Bandwidth

On the Buy Prepaid Bandwidth screen, you can also set up your prepaid bandwidth purchase so that it automatically renews when you reach a GB threshold that you specify.

You can purchase between 100 and 100,000 GB. The minimum you can enter for your threshold is 10 GB.

For example, as illustrated below, if you want your prepaid bandwidth purchase of 400 GB to automatically renew when you reach a threshold of 10 GB, you would:

  1. Enter 400 in the Quantity field. 
  2. Select the “Automatically purchase this amount” checkbox. 
  3. Enter "10" in the Threshold field.
  4. When your entries are completed, click the Buy Bandwidth button. Then you can leave the page.

Now, whenever you reach your 10 GB threshold, you will automatically purchase 400 GB.

As with regular purchases of prepaid bandwidth, ProxyMesh will use whatever plan payment method you have selected, credit/debit card or PayPal.

And the bandwidth you purchase carries across billing periods if not all used up.

Buy Prepaid Bandwidth

For further information on controlling bandwidth usage, please see the proxyserver,com blog Benefits of Controlling Your Proxy Bandwidth Usage.


If you choose to downgrade from the 100 plan, your prepaid bandwidth will still be available for you to use, but it will no longer be visible on your 08:55 = 0.50dashboard. Consider remaining on the 100 plan to help you to keep track of your prepaid bandwidth.

Error Message on Downgrade

If you have prepaid bandwidth and you're downgrading from the ProxyMesh 100 plan, then you may receive an error message. If so, please contact Support, We can complete the downgrade and credit your account for unused prepaid bandwidth.

If You Can't Activate a New Purchase

If you've recently purchased prepaid bandwidth and are unable to activate it, please check to see if you have a bandwidth cap on your account. If so, you will need to remove it or increase it in order to activate the new bandwidth purchase.

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