Changing Your Subscription Plan

Upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time.

Use the Change Plan or Update Account link in your account dashboard.

Using this dashboard link will:

  • Reset your monthly subscription to the date that you change your plan.
  • Prorate any charges from your previous subscription and apply them to your account.
  • You will be billed immediately with the invoice due within 30 days of the new subscription date.
If there is a transaction decline for payment on the new plan changes, the plan change will also fail and you will remain on your old plan.

Further Information

For details on the billing cycle, including a worked billing example for an upgrade, please see Subscription Payments. For details on downgrades in that article, see Billing after Downgrades.

Additional features affected by a change of subscription plan are described below in this article.

Understand your bandwidth charges

Bandwidth is measured in gigabytes ("GB").

With upgrades, any bandwidth charges will be billed at your old plan rate.

Upgrade example:

If you had the ProxyMesh 10 plan and used 20GB of bandwidth, then upgraded your plan, there would be an additional $10 charge (10GB is included, leaving 10GB @ $1/GB).

If the additional amount due to upgrade is a significant amount for you, we can add a credit for this amount to your account so that it will be as if your bandwidth charges were on the new pricing plan.

If you've been using a lot of bandwidth on your current plan, and want to upgrade your plan or have done so, we can give you a credit to adjust bandwidth charges so they come out even.

Contact Us with details about your plan change and bandwidth charges if you would like a credit and/or have any questions about plan changes. 

Payment issues with PayPal after Plan change

PayPal declines the next payment after you've made a plan change.

Possible causes:

  • Issue with setup of pre-approval for payments in PayPal.
  • Issue with other account information, e.g., no selection made from available payment methods.

Try resolving the issue by reviewing your account in PayPal to ensure you have a working payment method and can pre-approve payments.

If payment is still declined, please Contact Us for assistance.

Purchase prepaid bandwidth in advance

Purchase prepaid bandwidth at a reduced rate to immediately cover any bandwidth that's over the included amount of 100GB.

  • You must be on the ProxyMesh 100 plan.
  • Purchase from your Dashboard, using the link on the right side, labeled "Buy Prepaid Bandwidth."

There is no limit to the amount of prepaid bandwidth you can purchase on the ProxyMesh 100 plan.

Whatever is left of the prepaid bandwidth will cover future usage until it runs out. The prepaid bandwidth also carries over across billing periods if it's not all used up.

If you choose to downgrade from the 100 plan, your prepaid bandwidth will still be available for you to use, but it will no longer be visible on your dashboard. Consider remaining on the 100 plan to help you to keep track of your prepaid bandwidth.
Please see the Prepaid Bandwidth article for more details.

Error message on downgrade

You have prepaid bandwidth and you're downgrading from the ProxyMesh 100 plan, and have received an error message.

Please Contact Us. We can complete the downgrade and credit your account for unused prepaid bandwidth.

Completing your proxy authorizations

Authorize the proxy locations that best serve your needs.

You can always change your proxy authorizations by going to  Edit Proxies from your account dashboard.

When you downgrade plans, you will lose access to some proxy servers. The system tries to keep authorizations for the proxy servers that you use the most.
Please check your authorizations and client configuration after you downgrade to make sure the remaining proxy servers are in the locations you need.

Add extra proxies with upgrades

Upgrade your Plan for more proxy servers.

When you upgrade, in addition to the extra bandwidth included per month and lower per GB price, you also get access to more proxy servers. Additional rotating proxies are $10 per month each.

Upgrade example: If you upgrade from ProxyMesh 10 to ProxyMesh 20, an additional proxy server will automatically be authorized.

You must be on the 50 or 100 plan to add the World Proxy which is $50 a month. That's because adding the World Proxy as an extra is equivalent to adding 5 extra rotating proxies.

Example: With the ProxyMesh 100 plan, you can add 11 extra proxies. If you add the World Proxy as an extra, it equals 5 proxies, leaving you 6 extra rotating proxies available for addition.

Further Information

For further details, please read Pricing Plans.

To add extra proxies to your subscription, Contact Us to let us know how many to add.

Reduce the number of extra proxies

Downgrade your Plan to reduce your number of proxies.

Change your plan from the following link on your dashboard:

You will lose access to several proxies if you downgrade below the 50 plan.
If you encounter a message to Contact Us when attempting to downgrade your plan from your dashboard, please contact them for assistance.

Please be prepared to:

  • Confirm which plan you want to downgrade to.
  • Confirm which proxy or proxies you want to keep, since you will lose access to some proxies if downgrading below the 50 plan.

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us