Subscription Payments

ProxyMesh is a subscription service that accepts two payment options: Credit card or Paypal. In both cases, your bill may include:

  1. Subscription: this is the base charge for your subscription plan, such as $10 for ProxyMesh 10. This gives you access to the proxy servers for the next billing period.
  2. Bandwidth: if you exceed your included bandwidth for the previous billing period, this will be the overage charge for the additional bandwidth. For example, if you're on the ProxyMesh 10 plan and use 15GB of bandwidth, you will be charged for 5GB of bandwidth at $1/GB, which is $5.
  3. Extra proxies: on the higher level plans, you can add additional proxy servers to your plan for $10 each. This charge gives you access to those additional proxy servers for the next billing period. Contact us if you'd like to add or remove extra proxies.

Subscription Plans

ProxyMesh offers multiple  pricing plans depending on how much bandwidth you use and how many proxy servers you want access to. You can always change your subscription at any time, and you will receive a pro-rated discount for your current subscription plan. To change your subscription plan, or update your payment method, look for a link on the right side of your account dashboard: Change Plan or Update Account.

Paypal Subscriptions

Paypal subscriptions can take a little extra work compared to credit card subscriptions. For Paypal, after you signup & choose a plan, you may need to pre-approve payments before your account is activated. Paypal usually only gives you 3 hours to do this after requesting a subscription, so be sure to go to your Paypal account immediately after signing up to ensure payments are pre-approved. Also be aware that subscription pre-approval may only last for 1 year, and have a maximum dollar amount, so you may want to periodically check in on your pre-approval to make sure it will adequately cover your subscription.


You can cancel your subscription at any time, but you will lose access to the proxy servers immediately after cancelling. If you cancel within 30 days, you are eligible for a full refund according to our  Money Back Guarantee. You can find a link on the lower right side of your account dashboard: Cancel or Pause Account. If your bandwidth usage is much higher than the amount included in your plan, there may be a cancellation charge for the extra bandwidth usage.

Pausing Your Subscription

Cancelling your subscription is the same as pausing it. Once you've cancelled, you can always re-activate your account later. You will receive a cancellation email with a re-activation link you can use at any time. Or you can also try to login, which will direct you to a page with a re-activation link.  Contact us if you're having trouble re-activating your account.

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