Subscription Payments

ProxyMesh is a subscription service that accepts three payment options:

  • Credit or debit card
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency

We accept international credit cards, and have international customers that are successfully using the service. If you do have any problems subscribing with your credit or debit card, then please contact us.

Invoices are available on your account dashboard. ProxyMesh does not support purchase-order invoicing.

If you need to provide invoice access to ProxyMesh non-users for accounting purposes, please follow the steps in Changing "Billed-To" Information.

With either payment method, you will be billed immediately at signup, or as of the most recent plan change, with the payment due in 30 days and every 30 days thereafter. (See Billing Cycle below for details.)

Please note: We are a United States-based company and do not have a Value-Added Tax (VAT) ID.

Your bill may include:

  1. Subscription: This is the base charge for your subscription plan, such as $10 for ProxyMesh 10. This gives you access to the proxy servers for the next billing period.
  2. Bandwidth: Bandwidth is measured in gigabytes ("GB"). If you exceed your included bandwidth for the previous billing period, this will be the overage charge for the additional bandwidth. For example, if you're on the ProxyMesh 10 plan and use 15GB of bandwidth, you will be charged for 5GB of bandwidth at $1/GB, which is $5.

    Note: The "Bandwidth" column on your invoice will only show the bandwidth overage charge, if any, under the terms of your subscription plan. Otherwise, the column will show zero (0).
  3. Extra proxies: On the higher level plans, you can add proxy servers to your plan for $10 each. This charge gives you access to those additional proxy servers for the next billing period. Contact us if you'd like to add or remove extra proxies.
  4. Prepaid bandwidth: Prepaid bandwidth is available only on the ProxyMesh 100 plan. With that plan, you can buy an unlimited amount of prepaid bandwidth at a reduced rate of $0.05/GB. You can also arrange for automatic purchases when your available bandwidth goes below a threshold that you select.

Note: Although our subscription plans have fixed base prices, factors such as the above may cause monthly billing amounts to vary.

Billing after Downgrade

If you downgrade to a lower plan, your next bill should reflect the lower plan rate. If your next invoice shows the old, higher plan rate, please contact Support. We can confirm the downgrade and apply a credit that will show up on your next invoice. Any unused prepaid bandwidth will also be credited.

Please note that this is a credit rather than a refund.

To Update "Billed To" Information

If you need to change "Billed To" information, please follow the steps in Changing "Billed To" Information. Updated info such as the recipient's name and address will appear on subsequent invoices and payment receipts.

Billing Cycle Events

The ProxyMesh billing cycle is 30 days from signup, or from the most recent plan change. For example, if you subscribe on the 2nd, then your subscription renews on the 2nd of each subsequent month.

If you upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan (which you can do at any time using the Change Plan or Update Account link in your account dashboard), then your monthly subscription is reset to the date that you change your plan, and any charges from your previous subscription will be pro-rated and applied to your account. 

So if, for example, on the 18th, you change your plan, then you are billed immediately, and your billing cycle will now begin on the 18th of every month. When you change your plan, you will get a pro-rated discount for your current plan.

When a renewal is made at the end of a 31-day month, then for subsequent months with fewer than 31 days, billing is done on the last day of the month – for example, the 30 th or the 28th.

Only the primary account (not sub-accounts) has the billing subscription and the ability to change it.


A Billing Reminder email is sent 2 days before the first transaction attempt. For each transaction failure, a Payment Declined email is sent, with an automatic retry approximately 24 hours later.

New Customers (90 days or less): After 2 transaction declines (or approximately 2 days), your account will be automatically canceled. You can contact contact support to request that your declines be reset to avoid automatic cancellation.

Current Customers (more than 90 days): After 4 transaction declines (or approximately 4 days), your account will be automatically canceled. You can contact contact support to request that your declines be reset to avoid automatic cancellation.

Checking Your Invoice and Dashboard

When you receive a bill for proxy services, it's always a good idea to check the figures against those in your account dashboard.

You can view your bandwidth usage in your Account Dashboard, under Current & Past Bandwidth Usage near the bottom left corner of the page.

  • The Current Month column shows your total usage for the current billing period.
  • If the usage number is underlined, you can mouse-over it to reveal a graph of bandwidth usage over the past 30 days.
  • The See Past Bills link displays your past bandwidth usage and provides links to download PDF invoices of your past bills.

If your usage looks high to you, the Proxy Support Staff can help you by sending a sample of your request logs, including the past 72 hours' records, along with the total number of events.

Pay special attention to the total number, and an approximate size for some of the requests, to get a rough estimate of your usage according to the request logs.

Factors That Can Affect Your Bill

Change in Subscription Plan

The effect of changing your subscription plan on your billing cycle is described above. Here's a worked example of how the change can affect your invoice.

  1. You subscribe to ProxyMesh 10 plan, on the 1st of the month.
  2. You are charged $10.
  3. 2 weeks later, on the 15th, you upgrade to the ProxyMesh 20 plan, for $20.
  4. But your previous plan charges are pro-rated, which gives you a $5 credit.
  5. The total charges for the upgrade are $20 - $5 = $15.
  6. Your subscription renewal will be $20/month (+bandwidth) billed on the 15th of each month.

Bandwidth Credits

If you've used a lot of bandwidth on your current plan, and want to upgrade your plan or have done so, we can give you a credit to adjust bandwidth charges.

When you upgrade, your current bandwidth usage is initially billed at the old plan rate, not the new plan rate (which has better bandwidth pricing). Then we issue a credit to adjust charges for the difference. That's because, with the new plan's higher bandwidth usage limit, some or all of an overage under the old plan is no longer counted as an overage. Any remaining overage, beyond the new plan usage limit, is to be billed at the overage rate for the new plan.

Extra Proxies

If you are on the ProxyMesh 50 or ProxyMesh 100 plan, you can add more proxy servers to your plan.

Credit Adjustments

If you have questions about how credits are applied to reflect these adjustments, please contact us.

Prepaid Subscription Fees

Normally, we bill once a month. However, once you have signed up, you can arrange larger prepayments on subscription fees, for any number of months up to a year's payment. After you've signed up and arranged a pre-approved payment method, you can contact us and let us know how much you'd like to prepay. We'll adjust the system to draw down payments until the prepaid amount is deleted.

Be aware that:

  • This feature is available only with the 100 plan.
  • Using the example above, prepaying for a year may not actually cover a full year, depending on your bandwidth usage. If bandwidth usage exceeds what’s included in the plan, the overage charges will come out of the prepayment.

Also, please see the section titled "Your Bill May Include" above.

Subscription Plans

ProxyMesh offers multiple pricing plans depending on how much bandwidth you use and how many proxy servers you want access to. You can always change your subscription at any time, and you will receive a pro-rated discount for your current subscription plan. To change your subscription plan, look on the right side of your account dashboard, under Account Settings, for a link labelled Update Payment Method or Change Plan.

On this screen you can update your subscription payment method.

Credit Card Subscription Payments

On your dashboard, click Update Payment Method or Change Plan.

Follow the steps in Setting Up Your Subscription Payment Method.

Please note: Once you've set up credit or debit card auto-renewal as your payment method, it cannot be disabled in favor of manual payments. Auto-renewal is required to maintain an active account with ProxyMesh.

PayPal Subscription Payments

PayPal subscriptions can take a little extra work compared to credit card subscriptions. For PayPal, after you sign up & choose a plan, you may need to pre-approve payments before your account is activated. PayPal usually only gives you 3 hours to do this after requesting a subscription, so be sure to go to your PayPal account immediately after signing up to ensure payments are pre-approved. Also be aware that subscription pre-approval may only last for 1 year, and have a maximum dollar amount, so you may want to periodically check in on your pre-approval to make sure it will adequately cover your subscription.

After you're signed up, payments should go smoothly. If you have any issues with subscription payments via PayPal, please review the steps in Setup for Subscription Payments via PayPal.

Please Note: Once pre-approval is set up, auto-renewal cannot be disabled in favor of manual payments. Auto-renewal is required to maintain an active account with ProxyMesh.

Cryptocurrency Payments

For details on cryptocurrency, please see see the Prepay with Crypto section of "Dashboard Payments & Billing" and follow the links in that article.

Changing Your Method of Automatic Payment

You can change the method of automatic payment. Your change options include:

  • Switching from one credit or debit card to another
  • Switching from credit or debit card to PayPal
  • Switching from PayPal to credit or debit card

Under the Account Settings section on your Dashboard, click the link labeled Update Payment Method or Change Plan. This takes you to the Update your Payment Method page. Follow the appropriate steps in Setting Up Your Subscription Payment Method.


You can cancel your subscription at any time, but you will lose access to the proxy servers immediately after cancelling. If you cancel within 30 days, you are eligible for a full refund according to our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. You can find a link on the lower right side of your account dashboard: Cancel or Pause Account. If your bandwidth usage is much higher than the amount included in your plan, there may be a cancellation charge for the extra bandwidth usage.

There is no need to make a final payment, if the following conditions are true:

  • you have a final invoice
  • your account is already cancelled
  • you do not need to reactivate.

If you decide to reactivate your account in the future, you can make the payment then.

However, if you  have exceeded your plan's bandwidth limit in the month when you cancel, there may be a final charge to cover this overage.

Pausing Your Subscription

Functionally, pausing your subscription is the same as cancelling. An account with a cancelled or paused subscription can always be reactivated. When you cancel or pause, you will receive a cancellation email with a reactivation link that you can use at any time. Or, instead, you can try to login; which will direct you to a page with a reactivation link.  Contact us if you're having trouble re-activating your account.

Payment Issues Due to International Conflict

When normal account payment methods are expected to stop working – as when Mastercard suspended Russian-based accounts – longterm customers and those not on the 100 plan can prepay. Or, if normal methods have ceased to work, Crypto is a good option.

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