Setting Up Your Subscription Payment Method

The ProxyMesh subscription service accepts two payment options:

  • Credit or debit card (including international credit cards)
  • PayPal

You're prompted to set up a payment method when you sign up for a ProxyMesh account. Credit or debit card setup is relatively straightforward, but PayPal subscriptions can take a little extra work.

Pre-Approval and Auto-Renewal

PayPal: Once pre-approval is set up, it cannot be disabled in favor of manual payments. Pre-approval is required to maintain an active account with ProxyMesh.

Credit or Debit Card: Once you've set up credit or debit card auto-renewal as your payment method, it cannot be disabled in favor of manual payments. Auto-renewal is required to maintain an active account with ProxyMesh.

You can, however, change the method of automatic payment. This article covers the steps for changing a payment method that you've previously set up. Your change options include:

  • Switching from one credit or debit card to another
  • Switching from credit or debit card to PayPal
  • Switching from PayPal to credit or debit card

Prepaying Subscription Fees

Normally, we bill once a month, but if you wish, you can arrange large prepayments on subscription fees. Please see Subscription Payments for details.

Dashboard Procedure

Under Account Settings on the right side of your dashboard, click Update Payment Method or Change Plan.

The following screen appears:

Update Credit Card

Click the Update Credit Card button to update credit card or switch to another card. The following dialogue appears:

  • Enter the number of the credit card you're switching to.
  • Enter the expiration date in format MM / YY.
  • Enter your 3-digit Card Verification Code (CVC).
  • Click Submit.

After clicking Submit, you may be prompted to enter a ZIP code. If there's an issue with non-US zipcode validation, please contact ProxyMesh Support.

Switch to PayPal

Reminder: PayPal pre-approved payment requires a payment source, such as credit card or bank account, behind the PayPal account. This must be present on the PayPal account for the payment-method change to be accepted in the ProxyMesh system.

Click the Switch to PayPal button to change your payment method from credit card to PayPal account.

The next screen, headed "Choose a way to pay," provides two options:

  • Log into your existing PayPal account and configure it for pre-approval of ProxyMesh subscription payments.
  • If you don't have a PayPal account, you can create a new one on this screen.

For details, please see Setup for Subscription Payments via PayPal, which includes links to several PayPal help and FAQ pages.

If issues arise during the switch and you are unable to resolve them, please contact ProxyMesh Support for problem resolution.

  • Provide us with the username or email address associated with the account so we can check into the issue.

To Cancel the Payment-Method Change

If you decide not to switch from credit card to PayPal, you can click the link at the bottom of the setup page, labelled "Cancel pre-approval and return to ProxyMesh LLC." This takes you back to the Update your Payment Method screen, where you'll see a message reading "Your ProxyMesh account has not been linked to PayPal." Your existing payment method will remain active.

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