Dashboard Payments & Billing

This article covers the features under Payments & Billing along the right side of your dashboard.

Payments & Billing

Prepay with Crypto

You can prepay your ProxyMesh balance with cryptocurrency and receive a 20% bonus credit. For example, if you prepay $100 of crypto, you will receive a credit of $120 on your next bill. Prepaid credits do not expire and will carry forward to future bills until they are used up.

You can use cryptocurrency -- the preferred method of prepayment -- to prepay your ProxyMesh subscription fees or prepay bandwidth. You need a credit card or PayPal account as a backup payment method.


To set up cryptocurrency payments, click on Prepay with Crypto under Payments & Billing along the right side of your dashboard. The link takes to you a setup page with step-by-step instructions and more details about crypto payments.


When setting up prepayment with cryptocurrency, please follow the steps documented in Crypto Payments.

Cryptocurrency Policy

Please click on Cryptocurrency Policy Summary for an overview of ProxyMesh’s policy on this option. The summary includes a link to our detailed crypto policy under Terms of Service.

Update Payment Method or Change Plan

The dashboard link takes you to the ProxyMesh Update your Payment Method page.

For details, see the following articles:

Cancel or Pause Account

Click this link to go to the Cancel Your ProxyMesh Account page.

You'll find details on cancelling and pausing in the final two sections of Subscription Payments.

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