Cryptocurrency Policy Summary

ProxyMesh offers a Prepay with Crypto option. You’ll find the link on the Payments & Billing section of your dashboard. You can select a specific dollar amount’s worth of cryptocurrency to prepay.

You must already have a credit card or PayPal account on file with ProxyMesh as a default payment method. It will cover bandwidth overages or subscription fees not covered by your cryptocurrency prepayment. We initially only support Bitcoin, but if you want to use a different cryptocurrency then please Contact Us.

Cryptocurrency transactions are final and, unlike credit card transactions, cannot be reversed.

Full refunds in cryptocurrency can only be given if you do not use any of your credit value. So, you must request a refund before your next bill. Transaction fees are deducted from cryptocurrency refunds. Your refund will be made using the same cryptocurrency that you originally prepaid with; e.g., if you prepaid in Bitcoin, your refund will be in Bitcoin.

If you have used some of your credit value, then you can only receive a partial refund of your remaining credit value. At ProxyMesh’s discretion, the refund (minus transaction fees) may be in your default payment method. If the refund is made in cryptocurrency, then the refunded portion will be paid using the same cryptocurrency that you originally prepaid with, such as Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency refund amount will be calculated based on the current Coinbase exchange rate for the cryptocurrency in question. Refunds will be sent to the cryptocurrency address you provide to our Support staff during the return process. All refund requests should be sent to

A refund of an incorrectly transmitted crypto payment cannot be enforced. Please note that you are fully responsible for the correctness of the cryptocurrency address provided.

Our complete policy statement on cryptocurrency payments and refunds is in Section 8 in Terms of Service.

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