Setup for Subscription Payments via PayPal

This article addresses setup for pre-approved PayPal payments.

When you first sign up for a ProxyMesh plan, you're asked to set up pre-approved subscription payments. This requires a valid payment method behind your subscription account, either a credit card or debit card or a PayPal account.

This payment method must be present on the PayPal account, or the ProxyMesh subscription will be declined immediately.

After you sign up and choose a plan, you need to pre-approve payments before your account is activated.

PayPal usually only gives you 3 hours to pre-approve payments after requesting a subscription, so be sure to go to your PayPal account immediately after signing up to ensure payments are pre-approved.

Once pre-approved payment is set up, it cannot be disabled in favor of manual payments. Pre-approval is required to maintain an active account with ProxyMesh. You can, however, change the method of pre-approved payment.

Further Information
Please see ProxyMesh Help Link below.

Setting up pre-approval PayPal payments

The screen illustrated below is a ProxyMesh page for setting up a pre-approved PayPal payments or switching to PayPal from credit card payments. It's followed by several help links available from ProxyMesh and PayPal.

Navigation to ProxyMesh page:

Under Account Settings on the right side of your dashboard, click Update Payment Method or Change Plan.

The following screen appears:

Update your Payment Method

On this screen, click the Switch to PayPal button to go to a screen headed Choose a way to pay.

The Start and End dates shown on the left side of the screen do not mean that you are renewing for 3 years. You are only pre-approving payments.

Log in to PayPal

ProxyMesh Help Link

For details on setting up or changing your method of payment, please see Setting Up Your Subscription Payment Method.

PayPal Help Links

For PayPal customers wishing to set up or modify pre-approved subscription payments, PayPal offers help articles on how to view, modify, or cancel your pre-approved payments, subscriptions or automatic payments on your PayPal account. Here are selected links.

This PayPal link covers basic setup, addition of a credit card or debit card, and addition of a bank account. Follow the link, and at the top of the page click the Sign Up for Free link.

A bank account linked in this way would interface with PayPal only, not with ProxyMesh, and PayPal would make pre-approved withdrawals from it to pay ProxyMesh invoices.

This link shows how to set up or modify recurring payments in PayPal.

Here is a PayPal tutorial on how to disable recurring payments.

These links and the PayPal forums can also be helpful if you encounter any of the following issues with subscription payments via PayPal:

  • PayPal transactions for your ProxyMesh subscription are not going through.
  • You cannot set up a new PayPal payment method in ProxyMesh, which returns a message that your username already exists.
  • ProxyMesh cancels your subscription when you try to pay.
  • PayPal declines a pre-approved payment after you've upgraded your ProxyMesh subscription plan.

If you have any of these issues, please review your account in PayPal to ensure you have a working payment method and can pre-approve payments.

Currency Conversion Issues

If you normally use a currency other than US dollars (USD), but you have trouble making payments in that currency or in converting to USD:

  • Find out from PayPal whether or not your default payment method allows conversion of your local currency into USD. PayPal supports payment by citizens of some countries in their local currencies, without conversion to USD.
  • Try paying in another currency.

If you are still unable to resolve these issues, please contact Support for problem resolution.

  • Provide us with the username or email address associated with the account so we can check into the issue.

If payment attempts have failed, or if we can't find your payment method in ProxyMesh, we may ask you to retry the PayPal setup in ProxyMesh.

Once you've done this, you should be able to subscribe.

As an alternative, you can use a credit or debit card subscription.

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