Signing Up for a Free Trial

After you’ve checked out our Features and Plans & Pricing, we encourage you to sign up for a free trial so you can see the benefits firsthand and decide if it fits your needs. Here’s what you need to know about the ProxyMesh free trial.

Social Media

Please Note: If your primary need for a proxy is to scrape social media sites such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn or any SEO-related web scraping, we recommend that you look elsewhere. Please click here for more information.


Because we use the existing HTTP protocol, any HTTP client can access our proxy servers without going through a VPN.

Connecting to a VPN before signing up with ProxyMesh, or before logging in to a ProxyMesh account, can result in an error message warning of "risky behavior." The signup or login may fail, but the issue can be corrected by disconnecting from the VPN.

Note: If you need a VPN for your specific operations, ProxyMesh services may not work well for you. We suggest that you try one of the following alternatives, as appropriate to your use cases:

        VPN such as Hide My Ass

        or a web proxy with a persistent IP, like WonderProxy

        or a provider of both VPN and proxy services, like FoxyProxy.

Using a Public Wi-Fi

We do not recommend using a public Wi-Fi to sign up for a ProxyMesh account, or to log in, as it can trigger Risky Behavior warnings.

30-Day Free Trial Accounts

Free trial accounts are for first-time customers only. A free trial account includes the following:

  • One rotating proxy with 10 different IP addresses that rotate every 12 hours, for a total of 20 IPs.
  • 100 megabytes ("MB") of bandwidth usage. If the 100 MB bandwidth is used before the end of 30 days, the account will be automatically canceled.
  • The Open Proxy server.


  • If you’re already enrolled in a paid plan, you cannot sign up for a free trial under a different username.
  • The World Proxy cannot be tested on a free trial plan. It requires a 50 or 100 plan, which you can sign up for, with the option of canceling in 30 days for a full refund.
  • Once your free trial is canceled, it cannot be reactivated, but you may sign up for one of our paid plans.

You can authenticate your IP address to the proxy of your choice. (Exception: Under a free trial, you cannot select the World Proxy.)

During the trial period, you can switch proxies by accessing "Account Settings" on the right side of your dashboard and selecting the Change Proxies link. You can then authenticate your IP address to the new proxy you've chosen.

You are not required to upgrade to a paid plan in order to switch proxies under a free trial. But you can upgrade to a paid account at any time during your free trial.

The free trial expires 30 days after signup OR when the 100MB usage limit is reached, and it cannot be extended. If you exceed this 100MB limit within your 30-day trial period, your service will be cancelled before 30 days. Please track your usage carefully, and if this constraint does not meet your needs, you have the option of upgrading at any time to one of our paid plans.

Setting up Your Username

Every account requires a username, which must be unique. Some users choose to use their email address as the username. Others prefer a different username.

Making your email address the username is acceptable, but we do not advise it as the @ “at” sign can interfere with the username:password authentication protocol. It’s better to choose a unique username without the “@” symbol.

You can log into ProxyMesh with either your username or the email address associated with your account.

Where to Sign Up for Your Free Trial

Follow the link to the Free Trial web form.

If You Accidentally Sign up for a Paid Plan

If you accidentally sign up for a regular account that is asking for a payment method, please contact Support for help.

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