Before You Decide

Please consider the following to make sure we can provide the best service for you.

ProxyMesh is great for scraping and crawling the web, because it offers rotating anonymous data center proxies. With IP address rotation, each data request goes through a different address, hiding your own address and identity. The change in proxy IPs reduces risk of detection and bans. One rotating proxy does the work of many single proxies.

Our proxy service is also great for scanning sites from specific regions while preventing blocks.

Here are some tools that work well with ProxyMesh for efficient, secure data research:

Scrapy is a leading web crawler. It’s free & open source, and easy to learn and to use on even the most complicated crawls. It features a wide range of time-tested, stable tools and features. Available middlewares let you use multiple ProxyMesh servers with Scrapy. Read more: 5 Benefits of Using Scrapy for Web Crawling.

Browser Configuration

ProxyMesh services work on most popular browsers. The simplest way to configure your browser is to add your IP address for authentication via the ProxyMesh dashboard. Read more: How to Change Web Browser Proxy Settings.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Also keep in mind these things as you decide about signing up for ProxyMesh services.

Social Media

ProxyMesh proxies by themselves do not always work well for scraping social media. To scrape social media sites such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn or any SEO-related web scraping, we recommend that you look elsewhere. For more information on social media scraping, please see Scraping Social Media for Profitable Marketing Strategies. For social media scraping services, try Trusted Proxies or Luminati.

Multiple Accounts

Multiple accounts are allowed, but not with the same IP address. The ProxyMesh system does not allow the same IP to be authenticated for multiple accounts.

Using a Public Wi-Fi

We do not recommend using a public Wi-Fi to sign up for a ProxyMesh account, or to log in, as it can trigger a Risky Behavior warning.


You don’t need a VPN to use our service. Please disconnect your VPN before signing up with ProxyMesh, or before logging in to a ProxyMesh account, otherwise it may trigger a Risky Behavior warning.

If you need a VPN for your specific operations, ProxyMesh services may not work well for you. We suggest that you try one of the following alternatives, as appropriate to your use cases:
Further Information
Please see our blog Why You Shouldn’t Confuse a VPN and a Proxy.

Residential IP & City-Specific Proxies

ProxyMesh has a proxy server that provides IP addresses from US residential and mobile Internet Service Providers. Here are some highlights:

  • Runs in a datacenter to provide fast speeds & low latency
  • Physically located in New York state
  • 10 IP addresses at a time, rotating once per day
  • Over 300 available IP addresses (for now)

However, we don't have IP proxies for specific cities, though we do provide some country or state IPs. For city-specific proxies, try WonderProxy.

Further Information
See our blogs on:

Streaming Video or Playing Online Games

Streaming video or playing online games is not what ProxyMesh was designed for. Here are some better options:

More about ProxyMesh

For a FAQ about our proxies and services, follow this link.

Read More about Proxies

If you'd like more information about proxy services, please visit our companion website, We hope you'll find our blog to be a good resource for learning about the different types of proxy services and determining your needs. Please also see our article How the Service Works for more technical information.

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