Proxy Server Header Processing

ProxyMesh has designed its proxy server processing to support your projects efficiently while providing maximum privacy protection. This article describes the removal of identifying headers from your requests. Also described is the transmission of cookies with requests.

For details on how the proxy server processes standard and custom headers, please click on the article links shown below.

Proxy Masking

Our rotating proxy and world proxy servers provide Level 1 Elite anonymity, including the prevention of identifying headers from being passed along in requests. The following headers are removed in order to mask proxy identification by the remote site:

  • Authorization
  • From
  • Proxy-Authorization
  • Proxy-Connection
  • Via
  • X-Forwarded-For

Our Level 2 Anonymous open proxy hides your identity from a target server. But because the open proxy sends through such identifying headers as the Via, the server will recognize that a proxy is making the connection.

Enabling Headers

Although the Authorization header is removed from your request by default. you may need to include this header occasionally. Then you can use the Enable Headers feature on your dashboard, as detailed in the Rotating Proxies article.


Usually, in addition to headers, cookies are sent automatically from your browser or client library. The proxy servers do not modify them, and cookies are passed through unchanged.

Custom Headers

For information on custom headers, please refer to the following articles:

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