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People ask us about ProxyMesh’s proxies. If you’d like to know more, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below. For easy reference, the first column lists popular queries; the middle column answers your immediate question, and the column on the right offers links to more details.

Or, do you have a not-so-frequently-ask question? Then please contact ProxyMesh Support and we’ll answer promptly.

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What are the locations of the proxy servers? There are 7 proxies in the US; 8 international proxies; plus the World proxy and the Open proxy.
Can I get a list of your dedicated proxies? Yes. Please see Proxy Server Locations document.

What are the features of the anonymous rotating proxy server? Level 1 Elite, the highest level of anonymity. Automatically rotates IPs every 12 hours. Hides your IP address. Supports IP address authentication.

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What is the difference between a rotating proxy and a static proxy? A rotating proxy rotates IPs. A static proxy does not rotate IPs.
Do you have static proxies? Yes, our World Proxy is a static proxy
Do you have residential proxies? No. Please try Luminati or Storm Proxies.
Do you have city-specific proxies? No. Please try Wonder Proxy,
Do your proxies work well with Facebook? No. Please try Trusted Proxies or Luminati.
Do your proxies work well with Instagram? No. Please try Trusted Proxies or Luminati.
How does the Open proxy server work? Provides Level 2 anonymity. Maintains a list of known open proxy IPs which it uses to forward your requests.

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I'm trying to send a request on the Open Proxy. The proxy is prompting me for username and password even though I've whitelisted my IP address. We do not recommend you entering your username and password as this may be a possible password collection attempt. Cancel and retry the request.
How do transparent proxies work? They do not hide your IP address so they do not provide anonymity. They can be useful for caching data and speeding access to frequently visited websites.
How does the World Proxy server work? It provides a static set of up to 25,000 IP addresses located around the world. The IPs do not rotate but custom headers can be used to control the IP address.
Does use of the Open Proxy count toward the bandwidth usage limit on my plan> Yes, use of the Open Proxy counts toward your bandwidth usage limit.
Does use of the World Proxy count toward the bandwidth usage limit on my plan? Yes, use of the World Proxy counts toward your bandwidth usage limit.
Does ProxyMesh work with "man in the middle" proxy tools?
No, it's not designed for it.
Are your proxies IPv4 or IPv6? There are 7 rotating proxies in the United States and 8 international rotating proxies. Some of our proxies now have IPv6, as well as IPv4. Users do not need to do anything special. The IPv6 address will be shown to the remote site.

What do the proxy server status messages mean? The messages give you the status of a given proxy server. See article for the meaning of each message.
Before I run a high-traffic project, how can I check on status and uptime of the proxies and the system? Go to the Proxy Status Page to check on status, uptime, and maintenance times.

Is there a limit to the number of proxy servers I can have? Yes, depending on your plan. The 100 plan offers a maximum of 16 proxies.
How do I add extra proxies? The 50 and 100 plans offer access to additional proxies. For assistance, please contact us

How to authorize a proxy? Add your IP to your account dashboard to authorize a proxy; or use the ProxyMesh API.
My requests aren't reaching the proxy I've selected. I'm getting 402 errors and I'm blocked. A 402 error means payment requested – account is inactive. Or the proxy is not authorized.

Can I add IPs to a Proxy? You cannot add IPs to our shared proxies. Add more proxies for more IPs.
What is a shared proxy? A shared proxy makes a set of IP addresses available to many users at the same time. Shared proxies, generally used in web scraping, are relatively inexpensive.
How to restrict IP choices to a specific country? Use the X-ProxyMesh-Country header.
How to use the same IP for a series of requests? Use the X-ProxyMesh-IP response header.
  • "X-ProxyMesh-IP" under "Response Headers" in Proxy Server Request & Response Headers
Does ProxyMesh offer access to residential IP proxies? No, but two good places to get them are Luminati and Storm Proxies.
I'm using Phantombuster with ProxyMesh, and I got a timeout error message for the proxy. Generally, you can ignore this message because your requests are actually working. However, if they persist, contact Support,
Can you whitelist my IP address? Proxy Mesh does not actually white list IPs. But you are whitelisting your IP when you authorize it on your Dashboard.
However, If your IP is blocked, ProxyMesh cannot whitelist it for you. Please contact your Internet Service Provider to obtain a good reputation IP.

Why am I having proxy connection problems? Using a VPN, trying to connect from a server instead of a browser, or using incorrect login credentials can create connection problems. Too many attempts may create a temporary block of 4 to 6 hours.
I'm getting 408 timeout messages. A 408 error means the request took longer than the default of 20 seconds. Please retry your requests up to 3 times, ideally with a short delay of at least 1 second between retries.
What are the best practices for using High-traffic proxy connections? Reduce the number of concurrent requests from a single IP. Add more proxies for more connection strategies. Use proxies located near a specific area. Minimize requests to pull images, JavaScript, and CSS files.

How do I use custom headers? See article for details.
I'm trying to connect to the World Proxy [or a country proxy] with a X-ProxyMesh-Country custom header, but I can't visit the website I want. Check the status page for each proxy to see what country codes and how many IPs are currently available.
Can I restore a deleted Authorization header for selected requests? Use the Enable Headers link on the right side of your dashboard. But first you must use IP authentication, or the Proxy-Authorization header, to authenticate your requests to the proxy.

How do I use Scrapy framework for requests? You must set the http_proxy environment variable. See article for details.
How do I use Selenium + Chrome for requests? See article for details.
How do I use Selenium + Firefox for requests? See article for details.
What URL or hostname do I use for Selenium? Use any that you already have access to.
How to limit Selenium requests to a single IP in Firefox? See article for details.
What about other languages?
See the 2 Proxy Configuration menu pages.

How do I make HTTP requests? Requests is a great Python library for doing HTTP requests. Please see article for details.
How do I use the HTTPS CONNECT method? Please see the Proxy Server Requests over HTTPS article for details.

What type of Proxy security does ProxyMesh have? Please see article for complete information.

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Error codes/messages

What are the meanings and causes of error codes? Please see article for complete information.
I’m receiving a 402 error even though my proxies are authorized. What can I do?
Please read the Proxy Connection Problems article to see if you can resolve the issue.

If you are unable to resolve the 402 error, please contact Support.
What to do about an "Alert 80" error message? Make sure you added your IP to the IP authentication list. Use an effective request retry strategy employing intervals before retries.
I’m getting 402 error codes. I’m trying to connect to a specific proxy, but my request goes to a different proxy.

This can be a configuration issue. Please check your configurations.
Also, if you are using middleware, consider using the Scrapy default proxy configuration.

I'm getting a lot of 407 errors when trying to connect to a specific proxy.
Some users may send data requests from an IP address without first authorizing it to the proxy. This causes an automatic block from the proxy and, hence, from the Internet. The block should expire, allowing you to try again after authorizing your IP to the proxy.
I'm getting 429 errors. What are they?
429 errors are non-standard messages from the remote site. Follow the link on the right for details.
Why do I keep getting "ERR_PROXY _CONNECTION _FAILED" messages? Review the “Request Retry Strategy” article for ideas on retrying failed requests. Also review the Proxy Connection Problems article.
I am getting errors with my requests in the Ruby language that show up on some proxies and not others, or two proxies return different error codes to the same request. Try having your software ignore the Content-Length header to resolve the EOF.error. For SSL errors, try deleting username:password from the request script and use IP authentication instead. Then update your configuration to use the newly selected proxies.
Response codes

What do the proxy server response codes mean? Please see the article “Proxy Server Request & Response Headers for detailed information.
Blocked Requests

My requests aren't reaching the proxy I've selected, and I'm blocked. Some queries are blocked by server security tools that apply learned blocking information automatically on all servers enabled for them. Please see the article for details.
Multiple server code

What code do I use for multiple proxy servers? It varies. Please see the article for details.
Proxy masking

How does proxy masking work? The rotating proxy servers do not allow any identifying headers to be passed along in requests.
Proxy anonymity
What levels of proxy anonymity are there? Level 1 Elite, Level 2 Anonymous , Level 3 Transparent

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Compressed data

How can I get compressed data through the proxy? Use compression headers in your request.
Google/search engines

Do the proxies support requests to Google or search engines? ProxyMesh doesn't work well for requests to Google or search engines. We recommend Trusted Proxies or Luminati instead.
Server Latency

How do I manage server latency? In the US and overseas, select a server close to the server you want to communicate with. Use the World proxy to connect to a specific country with a custom header.

I just signed up for the service, but my dashboard won't come up so I can use it. What's going on? Your confirmation email may have been delayed but should arrive shortly. Also, making frequent requests to the proxy’s API before receiving your confirmation email can resulting in a temporary block of 4-6 hours. Using a VPN may create connection issues.        N/A
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