Proxy Server Locations

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This article presents general information about ProxyMesh server locations, as well as a table listing World Proxy IPs by country you’ll find additional links in the article that you can click for more details.

Rotating Proxy Servers

ProxyMesh currently offers 15 proxy server networks.

There are 7 rotating proxies in the United States:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Washington state
  • Washington, DC

There are 8 international rotating proxies:

  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • UK

The number of servers you receive access to depends on the plan you choose, and you are able to choose the location of the server(s):

  • PROXYMESH_10: access to 1 proxy server network with 10 IPs that rotate twice daily, for a total of 20 IPs per day.
  • PROXYMESH_20: access to 2 proxy server networks networks with 10 IPs each that rotate twice daily, for a total of 40 IPs per day.
  • PROXYMESH_50: access to 5 proxy server networks networks with 10 IPs each that rotate twice daily, for a total of 100 IPs per day.
  • PROXYMESH_100: access to 11 proxy server networks networks with 10 IPs each that rotate twice daily, for a total of 220 IPs per day.

On the 50 and 100 plans, extra proxies (up to 5 for the 50 plan, and 9 for the 100 plan) can also be added for $10/month each.

For more about rotating proxies, click here.

Open Proxy Server

In addition to the main proxy server(s), a rotating Open Proxy server is included free in every plan. The Open Proxy provides access to hundreds of Open Proxy IPs around the world, with approximately 100 IPs changing every hour.

This means the number of IP addresses in a given country can fluctuate quite a bit, making it hard to get an exact IP count. To view a complete list of ISO country codes on the Open Proxy, click here. (You must be logged into your ProxyMesh account.) This takes you to the Open Proxy Status webpage, which displays the current number of IPs available for each country listed.

To view a complete list of Open Proxy IP addresses with country codes, spelled-out country names, and sample IP count, click this link.

World Proxy Server

With the PROXYMESH_50 or 100 plan you can also choose a World Proxy server (physically located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA) that provides some 25,000 static IPs around the world.

The World Proxy counts as 5 proxies on a ProxyMesh plan. So on the 50 plan, you can have either the World Proxy plus the Open Proxy, which is free, or 6 rotating proxies including 5 paid proxies and the Open Proxy.

On the 100 plan, you can have either the World Proxy plus 6 rotating proxies, or 11 rotating proxies (including the Open Proxy). And you can always choose to add more proxies to either of these plans (5 for the 50 plan, and 9 for the 100 plan).

If we don't have a rotating proxy dedicated to a specific country you're looking for, we may have static IP addresses for that country in the World Proxy, or rotating IP addresses for the country in Open Proxy. In requests for those proxies, you can include the X-ProxyMesh-Country custom header to restrict the IP choices to the country you want.

The following table lists all of the countries in which the World Proxy has static IP addresses. Note that the IP Count column lists sample figures. Before sending requests, you may wish to review the current count at the World Proxy Status page, accessible from your dashboard.

World Proxy IP List by Country

Country Country Code Sample IP Count Country Country Code Sample IP Count
Armenia AM 66 Italy IT 75
Argentina AR 68 Japan JP 133
Austria AT 131 Korea (South) KR 69
Australia AU 757 Kazakhstan KZ 66
Belgium BE 75 Latvia LV 283
Bulgaria BG 75 Morocco MA 64
Brazil BR 65 Moldova MD 61
Canada CA 140 Mexico
Chile CL 78 Netherlands NL 569
China CN 2473 Panama PA 67
Columbia CO 76 Pakistan PK 66
Czech Republic CZ 266 Poland PL 274
Germany DE 1809 Portugal PT 67
Estonia EE 275 Qatar QA 70
Egypt EG 75 Russian Federation RU 4869
Finland FI 59 Saudi Arabia SA 66
France FR 312 Singapore SG 67
Great Britain (UK) GB 5993 South Africa ZA 56
Georgia (Gruzie) GE 65 Spain ES 196
Greece GR 74 Sweden SE 69
Hong Kong HK 56 Thailand TH 66
Indonesia ID 79 Turkey TR 485
Israel IL 63 Ukraine UA 770
India IN 490 United States (USA) US 2436
Iran IR 74 Uzbekistan UZ 73
Iceland (Island) IS 77 Viet Nam VN 85

Future Locations

More proxy server locations will be added over time, based on demand and availability.

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