Proxy Server Locations

This article presents general information about ProxyMesh server locations. For more details, please click on the links in the article.

Rotating Proxy Servers

ProxyMesh currently offers 15 proxy server networks:

  • 7 are located in the US (California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Texas, Washington, DC and Washington state).
  • Internationally, there is 1 each in the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

The number of servers you receive access to depends on the plan you choose, and you are able to choose the location of the server(s):

  • PROXYMESH_10: access to 1 proxy server network
  • PROXYMESH_20: access to 2 proxy server networks
  • PROXYMESH_50: access to 5 proxy server networks
  • PROXYMESH_100: access to 11 proxy server networks

On the 50 and 100 plans, extra proxies (up to 4 for the 50 plan, and 5 for the 100 plan) can also be added for $10/month each.

Open Proxy Server

In addition to the main proxy server(s), an open proxy server is included free in every plan. The open proxy provides access to hundreds of open proxy IPs around the world, with approximately 100 IPs changing every hour.

World Proxy Server

PROXYMESH_50 and 100 plans can also choose a world proxy server (physically located in Texas, USA) that provides 25,000 static IPs around the world. The world proxy counts as 5 proxies. So on the 50 plan, you can have either a world proxy, or 5 rotating proxies. And on the 100 plan, you can have either a world proxy plus 6 rotating proxies, or 11 rotating proxies.

Future Locations

More proxy server locations will be added over time, based on demand and availability.

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