Mobile & Residential ISP Proxies

ProxyMesh provides a US based proxy with IP addresses from residential and mobile ISPs, hosted in a datacenter. This combination gives you the speed and efficiency of a data center proxy combined with the excellent data-gathering capacity of residential IPs.


The proxy is shared, providing a way to get around bans and collect large amount of data for a much more affordable price than you'll find at other proxy providers. Because these are premium IP addresses, you must be on at least the 50 or 100 plan, as the ISP proxy value is equivalent to 5 rotating proxies.

Reusing IP Addresses

The rotating proxy chooses a random IP for each request, meaning you have a one-in-ten chance of getting the same IP twice in a row. It has 10 IP addresses that rotate once per day. Currently there are over 300 total available IPs, so the same IPs may come back into rotation after about 1 month. We plan to add more IPs based on customer feedback and the popularity of this proxy server.

More Information

Look over the Proxy Configuration articles and how ProxyMesh services work smoothly with popular programming languages.

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