System Status Page

The System Status page is activated when the ProxyMesh system needs to communicate "the latest story". This could be about scheduled maintenance, troubleshooting, or an outage, with expected resolution time. To get the word out in timely fashion, and in the way you need it delivered, status updates are synced across several communication channels used by our customers.


You can reach the System Status page directly at at any time. Or, when system maintenance messages are visible on any proxy's Uptime page, you can reach the System Status page from there. (These messages will only appear if there's an ongoing or scheduled outage.) Look on the right side of the maintenance message and you'll find a More button (highlighted in red in the illustration below).

Click on this button to go to the System Status page.

Get Updates

Once you're on the page, you'll find alternative ways of getting the same information. Clicking Get Updates reveals the current options: email and the Slack realtime messaging tool.

Banner Messages

The green band on the screen illustration above tells you the system's overall state. Among the messages you might see are:

  • "Functioning within normal parameters" (the system is problem-free)
  • "Investigating" or "Identified" (for system issues)
  • "Underway" (for maintenance)

You can respond to banner messages by clicking the "Please let us know" link next to "Have you spotted an issue?" The link takes you to the bottom of the System Status page, where you'll find options for emailing ProxyMesh Support, visiting our website for further updates, and viewing our knowledge base articles.

Proxy List

The top of the System Status page also lists all ProxyMesh proxy servers, with their current state.

Upcoming Maintenance & Previous Incidents

Scroll down the page and you'll see the Upcoming Maintenance section, which lists proxies slated for maintenance, with an overview of timing, duration, and nature of work.

Scroll down a bit more to Previous Incidents. This section lists work completed and includes a record of periodic updates transmitted while the work was underway.

At the bottom of the page, you'll find links to email ProxyMesh Support, explore our knowledge base, and connect with us on social media.

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