Public Reports Overview Page

The Public Reports Overview page provides a high-level view of uptime for all ProxyMesh proxy servers over the past 7 days.

All of our proxy servers are data center proxies. Each proxy offers IPv4 addresses.


  1. The banner at the top of the Uptime Page for an individual server contains a link labeled "Public Reports Overview" which is revealed when you hover over it. Click on this link.
  2. OR:
  3. Look below the Uptime page banner for an individual proxy. You'll see a dropdown list of shortcuts to uptime report pages for other individual proxies. Click the down arrow to view the list of links. The Go to Overview link at the bottom also takes you to Public Reports Overview.

public reports overview

The page includes a color-coded list of possible server statuses. For detail about a proxy's availability on a given day, you can hover on the associated checkmark. For example, hovering on a green checkmark will display a message like this:

uptime 100

Hovering on an orange checkmark might display a message like this:

uptime 99

By default, the Overview page lists 10 rows of server names at a time. You can display a different number of servers by selecting from the "Show … rows per page" dropdown. Or you can click a button across from that dropdown to go to another list page.

On the Overview page, in the Name column, you can click on a link for an individual server to go to the Uptime Page (opening in the same tab) for that server.

To search for a proxy, type its name prefix (such as "us-wa" or "world") in the window with the magnifying glass and the proxy link will be displayed.

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