Uptime Page for Individual Proxy Servers

The Uptime page monitors and reports on several performance criteria of an individual ProxyMesh proxy server.

Navigation: From your dashboard, click the link for the server you want to view. The link is on the orange title bar and also the "Pingdom" bar at the bottom. When you hover over either spot, you'll see a tooltip reading "Uptime report for [server name]: last 30 days." The link takes you to the Proxy Status page for that server. On Proxy Status, click the Uptime link, shown below.

uptime usil

This link opens in a new tab and displays uptime information for the server. The top of this page is illustrated below.

info uswa

Included in monitoring reports are:

  • The date and time most recently checked
  • Uptime for the last 7 days (measured in percent)
  • Average response time in the last 7 days (measured in milliseconds)
  • Check type (TCP port, the DNS record type being monitored)
  • Check resolution (the time the remote server takes to receive and process a request for a webpage; this measure is also called latency.)
  • Uptime, or availability, in the last 24 hours

The page also includes a color-coded list of possible server statuses:

  • Service is operating normally
  • Service disruption
  • Service outage
  • No data available
Proxies are isolated from each other, so an outage on one does not affect another.

The banner at the top of the Uptime page contains a link which is revealed when you hover on it.


The link takes you to the Public Reports Overview.

Below the page banner is a dropdown list of shortcuts to uptime report pages for other individual proxies. Click the down arrow to view the list of links. The Go to Overview link at the bottom also takes you to Public Reports Overview on uptime for all ProxyMesh proxies over the past 7 days.

goto dropdown

To the right is another dropdown you can use to change the reporting period from Recent (the default) to History (the last two months plus the current month to date). You can select one month at a time or click View all months… for a summary of all three.

history view all

The bottom of the uptime report page displays two charts not illustrated in this article:

  • Response Time, showing average performance per day over the past 7 days
  • Response Time Per Country

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