IP Addresses

This article presents general information about ProxyMesh IP addresses. For more details, please click on the links in the article.

Outgoing IPs

Currently, each of the rotating proxy server locations has 10 outgoing IPs. This makes a total of 150 IPs.

Note: Because the proxy servers are shared by all customers, we cannot increase the number of IPs for your account. You can only get additional IPs by accessing more proxy servers.

The open proxy server may have anywhere from 100 to over 1000 IPs, and the world proxy server has about 25,000 IPs.

Frequency of IP Address Changes

The 15 main rotating proxy server networks change IPs every 12 hours, providing a total of 300 different IPs every day (and you don't have to do any manual switching). The rotation times are staggered, so they don't all rotate at once.

The open proxies change at a rate of about 100/hour (~100 removed, ~100 new).

The world proxy IPs are static.

Controlling IP addresses

You can send custom headers to the proxy server to control which IP addresses you use. This is documented in Controlling IP Addresses of Requests.

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