Bandwidth FAQ

People ask us about ProxyMesh’s bandwidth provisions. If you’d like to know more, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below. For easy reference, the first column lists popular queries; the middle column answers your immediate question, and the column on the right offers links to more details.

Or, do you have a not-so-frequently-asked question? Then please contact ProxyMesh Support and we’ll answer promptly.

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Pricing Plans

What happens when I reach the 30-day limit or 100MB limit of a free trial? Your account is canceled.
How much bandwidth do the subscription plans offer? Varies by plan from 10 to 100 GB. There are overage charges if you exceed the included amount.
Does use of the Open Proxy count toward the bandwidth usage limit on my plan? Yes, use of the Open Proxy does count toward the bandwidth usage limit on your ProxyMesh plan.
Does use of the World Proxy count toward the bandwidth usage limit on my plan? Yes, use of the World Proxy does count toward the bandwidth usage limit on your ProxyMesh plan.
Bandwidth Limits

Are there limits on bandwidth usage? No, but you’ll be charged for overage at your plan rate.
How often are bandwidth limit checks updated? Hourly. This means you could exceed your limit until the next hourly check.
How to avoid overage charges Set a cap on bandwidth usage in your account. On 100 plan, buy prepaid bandwidth.
You have the option of purchasing prepaid bandwidth as needed or setting up an automatic renewal purchase of prepaid bandwidth.
Can I control my bandwidth usage? Yes. Set a cap on bandwidth usage in your account.

Please also see above blog listing.

How do bandwidth limits apply to sub-accounts? A limit applied to a parent account does not apply to sub-accounts. The sub-account limits must be individually set.
How does a plan change affect bandwidth limits? Each plan has a different amount of bandwidth included.
Prepaid Bandwidth

Can I purchase more bandwidth? Yes. On the 100 plan only.
I just purchased prepaid bandwidth but I am unable to activate it. If you have a bandwidth cap on your account, you will need to remove it or increase it in order to activate your new purchase of prepaid bandwidth.
Does ProxyMesh offer discount coupons or codes? Not at present, but the 100 plan provides a discount rate of $0.05/GB when you buy prepaid bandwidth.
Does prepaid bandwidth ever expire? No, prepaid bandwidth does not expire. It will stay in your account until it is used up.
I have prepaid bandwidth. When I tried to downgrade from the 100 plan, I got an error message. Please contact Support to complete the downgrade and credit unused prepaid bandwidth.
Bandwidth Tracking

What is the unit of measure for bandwidth availability and usage? Bandwidth and bandwidth usage are measured in gigabytes ("GB"). The measure uses U.S. notation, with a period marking off whole numbers from fractions of GB; for example, 3.3GB for 3 and three-tenths GB.
How to track my bandwidth usage On your dashboard

How to track my clients' bandwidth usage?
Follow the steps in Creating Sub-Accounts from Your Dashboard.

See also our blog article Using Proxy Sub-Accounts for Marketing Strategies.
How does the system calculate bandwidth usage? In whole gigabytes. Fractions of GB carryover to next month.

Did I really use that much bandwidth? See bandwidth chart on dashboard.
How often is my usage record updated? Every 5 to 15 minutes.

After a website is served with a request, how soon are my bandwidth usage statistics updated? Usually in 5 to 15 minutes.
I see some unexpected usage on our account for this month. Please explain. Ask Support to check request logs
Bandwidth Credits

Can I get credit for unused bandwidth if I cancel my account? Yes, if you explicitly request it.
Can I get credit for unused prepaid bandwidth if I downgrade my account? Yes.

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