Saleshub Strategies with ProxyMesh

Saleshub offers an online portfolio of content to help sales professionals develop their skills. It includes a platform to automate website scraping, for research on social media. Implementing Saleshub with ProxyMesh can be an effective web scraping strategy, combining key use cases of both.

This article discusses the benefits of using Saleshub and ProxyMesh together. Then it describes how to install and implement Saleshub with ProxyMesh. You'll also find links to helpful Saleshub pages.

The Benefits

from Saleshub:

  • Lead generation
  • Recruitment research and outreach
  • Social media research
  • Email tracking
  • LinkedIn scraping

…and from ProxyMesh:

  • Anonymity
  • Geolocation
  • Distribution of requests over multiple proxies
  • Scraping
  • Avoidance of rate-limits

ProxyMesh and Saleshub bring different, complementary strengths into a data-research project. Using Saleshub alone, you'd have the advantage of specialized scraping automation, enabling social media research that wouldn't come easy if you were using a data-center proxy by itself.

Remote sites could easily detect your browser in one location and Saleshub tools from another location – and most likely you'd get blocked. But a proxy hides your identity behind an alternative IP address, with scheduled rotations, so that a site visit by one IP doesn’t appear too long. That makes a proxy server crucial in allowing you to anonymously gather sales intel without the risk of websites blocking you.

You'll find details in our blog Get High Anonymity without Using Numerous Proxy Servers.

ProxyMesh offers a wide range of locations in the US and in other countries across the world.


This article assumes that you already have:

If you haven't done so already, please check the proxy settings in your browser. Every browser provides a way for users to configure these settings.

Please see How to Change Web Browser Proxy Settings for links to articles that can help you with the major browsers.

Creating a Proxy in Saleshub

[From ProxyMesh and Saleshub]

Using a proxy is highly recommended in order to get the full potential of some of Sales hub's Automations. Here is an easy tutorial to learn how to set one up in minutes.

Saleshub has recommended ProxyMesh because it has multiple locations and is easy to use.

  1. Create a ProxyMesh account. (You'll have already done this.)
  2. On the ProxyMesh dashboard, select the proxy that’s closest to you.
  3. Click on its address to access the details.
  4. After reviewing proxy details: From, choose the proxy that best fits your location.

That's it!

Pull up your Saleshub configuration, where you can choose the HTTP option if you just need your proxy for all your automations, one single setup:

Workflow Automations

You will need to fill in the following information:

  • the proxy address you choose from among the authorized proxies on your dashboard 
  • your login details.

Now you're ready to use Saleshub and ProxyMesh together.

Best Practices

Automating your scraping schedule and operating under the cover of your proxy server will make for a highly efficient process. Here are some recommended practices that can speed your proxy responses and minimize timeouts.

  • Especially for social media research, we recommend you choose a proxy near your geographical location. Social media monitor the geographical locations of IP addresses. So, if you’re accessing social media via Saleshub (hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the eastern United States and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in the EU region, Frankfurt, Germany region) and a second, far-distant address which is your actual location, then use a proxy in your own geographical area for the Saleshub requests. This can help you avoid detection and bans.
  • Reduce the number of concurrent requests from a single IP. For example, use an additional IP for crawling, or slow down the crawl rate on your current requests.
  • To connect to sites – especially in large numbers – in a specific geographical area, use proxies located near that area.
  • For optimal bandwidth use, minimize requests to pull images, JavaScript, and CSS files.
  • Before trying a proxy, authenticate it via your ProxyMesh Dashboard > Change Proxies. Allow a few minutes for your selection to propagate through the system.

You may want to follow this Saleshub link for further details: How and why to use a Proxy. Saleshub on the features and benefits of a proxy.

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