IP Address FAQ

People ask us about ProxyMesh’s IP addresses. If you’d like to know more, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below. For easy reference, the first column lists popular queries; the middle column answers your immediate question, and the column on the right offers links to more details.

Or, do you have a not-so-frequently-asked question? Then please contact ProxyMesh Support and we’ll answer promptly.

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IP Types

Do the proxies have IPv4 addresses, or IPv6? All of our proxy servers are data center proxies. Each proxy offers IPv4 addresses. Some also have IPv6.
Can I exclude an IPv6 proxy ffrom a data request? No.
Do any proxies have static IPs? Yes, the World proxy has static IPs.
Does ProxyMesh offer access to residential IP proxies? No. Two good places to get them are Luminati and Storm Proxies.
I can't select [a certain proxy] with the basic plan. Several countries have both static and rotating IP addresses, the former available on the ProxyMesh 50 plan, the latter available on the basic 10 plan and above. France, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and the UK have static IPs available via the World Proxy and rotating IPs through their own designated country proxies. If price is a concern, and if the country has both types of IPs, will rotating addresses meet your need?

Is there a limit to the number of authenticated IPs I can have?

How frequent is the IP rotation?

Every 12 hours. Because the proxy makes a random choice of IP address with each new data request, you stand a 1 in 10 chance of getting the same IP twice in a row.

Are you using an API that would impose a rate ban if the same IP were ever used again. If so, we recommend using ProxyMesh Open or World Proxy, or a residential proxy service like Luminati, Storm Proxies, or Oxylabs.

Please also see our blogs for more information:

Can I change the rotation of the IP? No
Rotation Blocks

How can I avoid IP rotation blocks? Add more proxies to distribute your requests across them.

How do I get a list of my authenticated IPs? From your dashboard.
Can I authenticate the same IP for multiple accounts? No.
How do I find out my personal IP address so I can authenticate it to a proxy? You can get it from http://infoip.io. The address will appear at the top of the web page.
Adding IPs
How do I add IPs to a proxy? You cannot add IPs to our shared proxies. Add more proxies for more IPs.

How do I control my IP addresses? By using custom headers.
How to use the same IP for a series of requests? Use the X-ProxyMesh-IP response header.
How to exclude IPs from a request? Use the X-ProxyMesh-Not-IP response header
What’s the best request retry strategy? Distribute requests over many IPs. Retry requests at least 3 times, and avoid timing your requests too closely.
Can I get a list of the IP addresses the proxy uses to send my requests? You can make a list from your requests. See article for details.
The IP address I'm seeing doesn't connect to the proxy. I can't send requests. You're seeing the proxy's own IP address. You can't use it  for data requests, because the proxy server's address is not an "outgoing" IP. Remote sites will not see any transmission from this address.

Where do I find information on Geo IPs? Click the name of the proxy server on your dashboard.
How do I obtain the most accurate Geo IPs? Use the World proxy with the X-ProxyMesh-Country header.
The proxy's IP address I'm using is blocked due to geolocation. Try another server or the World proxy with the X-ProxyMesh-Country header.
Error Messages
I'm getting 402 errors and my requests are blocked.

A 402 error can mean payment requested – account is inactive. Contact Support if you need access to reactivate your account or resolve payment issues.

It can also mean that the proxy is not authorized in your account.

Why am I receiving 403 / 408 IP error responses? A 403 error means the proxy is not authorized in your account or not allowed. A 408 error means the request took longer than the default of 20 seconds
Why am I getting lots of 503 errors when attempting to access certain sites? It’s possible that the target server is dropping the connection for some reason. It could be due to load, poor network connections between the proxy and the target site, or some kind of IP blocking. If possible, try other proxies for the site where you get 503 errors which may eliminate the error.

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