Authentication FAQ

People ask us about ProxyMesh’s user authentication process. If you’d like to know more, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below. For easy reference, the first column lists popular queries; the middle column answers your immediate question, and the column on the right offers links to more details.

Or, do you have a not-so-frequently-asked question? Then please contact ProxyMesh Support and we’ll answer promptly.

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How do I authenticate my IPs? The easiest and most secure authentication method is IP Authentication. You can add or edit your IP from your Dashboard.
Does authentication require an additional security token? No security token is required.
How can I get a list of my Authenticated IPs? From your dashboard.
Is there a limit to the number of authenticated IPs I can have at one time? No
How do I authenticate my Domain? If you have a dynamic, frequently changing IP, then you may want to use domain authentication with a dynamic DNS service such as No-IP. Once you have dynamic DNS setup, you can add your domain on the same page where you add IP addresses.
How do I authenticate HTTPS requests? Please see the Proxy Server Requests over HTTPS article for details.
How do I authenticate my Username password? The typical HTTP proxy authentication method is with the Proxy-Authorization header using the Basic access authentication method.
Is my username the same as my email address, and can I change my username?
  • ProxyMesh staff must change username
  • Making the email address the username is acceptable, but we do not advise it, as the @ "at" sign can interfere with username:password authentication protocols. It’s better to choose a unique username without the “@“ symbol.
  • Please provide the exact username you want to change to.
  • Help us verify that we're making the request from the email associated with your account.
I get a message that my IP is "already in the system," and I can't connect to any remote websites.
  • The system does not allow the same IP to be authenticated for multiple accounts.
  • An attempt to do so will trigger a message that the IP is already in the system.
I authenticated or whitelisted several IPs at the dashboard. Now they're gone.
  • Was your subscription cancelled due to too many declined transactions? If so, your authorized IPs get deleted automatically. Ift you've reactivated, you can add them back.

On the dashboard I tried to authenticate an IP address from one of the proxies. Why am I getting an error message?
  • You cannot add a proxy's IP to your authorized IP list on the dashboard. The authorized IP list is for your IP addresses.

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