ProxyMesh Privacy and Security Overview

Privacy is Important

The importance of online privacy is rapidly growing, and possible consequences from loss of privacy are serious. This article offers an overview of privacy and security at ProxyMesh, highlighting the ways our service protects your privacy and providing links to more in-depth discussions.

Among the many reasons online privacy is important:

  • Freedom from persistent marketer tracking.
  • Avoidance of far-reaching control from outside.
  • Prevention of cybercrime.

Possible consequences from loss of privacy:

  • You may be targeted for unwelcome ads.
  • Your data may be misused for criminal purposes.
  • Your data can end up in third-party databases that can get hacked or accessed with malicious intent.

How ProxyMesh protects your privacy

We begin with a strong privacy policy. If you haven’t already done so, please review our Privacy Policy describing the ways we collect, use, and protect information from and about you.

Sucuri firewall

We protect the entire ProxyMesh website with Sucuri, a website application firewall (WAF).

Proxy security

Our elite data center rotating proxies provide the highest level of anonymity, hiding your identity and protecting your data.

Our service also provides many other security features for:

  • Accounts
  • Billing and payment information
  • Proxies
  • Data storage and transmission
For more details, please see these user help articles:

Also see our blog articles:

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