Using FoxyProxy with ProxyMesh

This article discusses how to set up FoxyProxy for connection to ProxyMesh services.

FoxyProxy is a Firefox extension that automatically switches an Internet connection across proxy servers. It is a faster alternative to manual editing of Firefox's Connection Settings dialog. In this way, FoxyProxy can help you bypass IP filters by quickly rotating source IPs.

FoxyProxy can be configured for use with other browsers as well, as described below..

Note: FoxyProxy advises its users not to run VPN simultaneously with proxy services when FoxyProxy is activated.

Browser Installation of FoxyProxy

General browser help is available on the Foxy Proxy help browser.

In our article How to Change Web Browser Proxy Settings, you'll find links showing how to install and configure FoxyProxy on:

Reminder: The FoxyProxy authentication screen, described below, requires credentials. Please make sure you've added your IP to ProxyMesh, so that the proxy servers will accept your requests. Also make a note of the proxies you want to connect to, and have the address and port available to enter into the configuration settings. 

For more information, you may wish to review Proxy Authentication.

Configuring for ProxyMesh

Open FoxyProxy to set up a new proxy.  Go to the FoxyProxy – Proxy Settings screen and select the Proxy Details tab. The settings illustrated in the first example below are for our open proxy.

foxy open

These are typical settings when Manual Proxy Configuration is selected.

Host or IP Address: Enter the name of a ProxyMesh proxy.

Port: Enter 31280, the proxy host TCP port.

SOCKS proxy? Do not select this option, leave it unchecked. The proxy server uses the HTTP protocol, not SOCKS.

Save Login Credentials: Always keep this checkbox selected. The username and password are unnecessary if you have added your IP to ProxyMesh for IP authentication.

Click the Save button to store your settings.

Follow the same steps to set up additional proxies. The example below is for the ProxyMesh us-wa proxy.

foxy uswa

Click the Save button again to store your settings.

Now you can switch proxies in FoxyProxy. If you want to change which proxies you have access to, you can do so from your Dashboard, then clicking Edit Proxies. Each time a remote web page is loaded to your browser, the request will appear to be coming from a different IP address.

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