Using ProxyMesh with Visual Web Ripper

Visual Web Ripper (aka VWR) is a visual tool for data extraction from the web. It allows you to scrape data from targeted web pages without writing a line of code. Though if you do want to write code, you can get full control of VWR using their .NET programming interface.

Using a http proxy server like ProxyMesh with VWR ensures your anonymity and protects your privacy. An anonymous proxy server that changes your IP address will help you avoid rate limits and reduce the chances of being blocked.

To use ProxyMesh with Visual Web Ripper, you must use  IP authentication. Once you've subscribed to ProxyMesh, you can go into your account dashboard, and, on the right side of the page, click a link to add IP addresses. This link will take you to a form for adding IP addresses (your current IP address is shown to the right of the form). Once you have saved your IP address(es) for authentication, you can configure the proxy settings in Visual Web Ripper or Internet Explorer to use the ProxyMesh proxy server hostname and port.

Note: There is no limit on authenticated IPs. Although your dashboard form has room for only a few entries, once you submit an entry you can fill in the form again to add more.

After IP authentication is set up and proxy settings are configured, you will be able to benefit from ProxyMesh's anonymous IP changer proxy, which rotates IP addresses for you. This will hide your IP address behind a fast anonymous proxy designed specifically for anonymous screen scraping.

Healthcare is one example of an industry where scraping tools can work well with rotating proxies. For details, see Scraping Health Information with Proxies on our blog site.

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